1 Week Business Law course – (CPD – 20 hours)

This 5 day course is designed for lawyers, legal counsels and law students who want to enhance their knowledge of Business Law, client care skills, negotiation and drafting skills.

The course outline is as follows:

  • Principles of English contract law
  • Analysing terms of a contract (warranties, conditions etc)
  • Analysing the importance of boilerplate clauses
  • Drafting exercises on amending clauses
  • Dealing with issues regarding ‘Letters of Intents’
  • Authority to sign contracts & e-signatures
  • How to take initial instructions from your client
  • How to take initial instructions from a potential client
  • Drafting letters, emails and opinions
  • The differences between arbitration and litigation
  • Analysing arbitration clauses
  • Why ‘English law’ is the applicable law in many contracts

Regular tests will be set which will allow the student to understand their progress.


Sample Timetable

10.00-11.30 Lesson 1
11.30-12.00 Coffee Break
12.00-1.00 Lesson 2
1.00-2.00 Lunch Break
2.00-4.00 Lesson 3


Academic Entry Requirements:

Students must show that they have passed one of the below mentioned examinations:

  • IELTS – International English Language Testing System
  • TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • PTE – Pearson Test of English
  • Cambridge ESOL
  • City of Guilds – English Test
  • LCCI – London Chambers of Commerce
  • TCL – Trinity English course
  • Ascentis – Engish proficiency course

No Entry Requirements/ Academic Requirements

  1. if the student is from a majority English speaking country listed on the HO website;
  2. if the student is studying a degree taught in English; or
  3. if the individual/student can provide evidence that he/she is working in an environment where English is used on a daily basis; or
  4. after assessing the student at the interview stage it is clear by the interviewer that the student has a basic grasp of the English language.

‘HO’ – means ‘Home Office in England’Upcoming Courses

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Secure your place

Due to high demand, and to maintain a high standard, our course places are restricted to a limited number of individuals per course.

Please contact [email protected] for information regarding costs and to secure a booking.

Course Contents 

  • English contract law
  • Boiler-plate clauses commonly found in commercial agreements
  • Terms – warranties, conditions & innominate terms
  • Drafting and Amending contracts
  • Exemption clauses
  • Disclaimers
  • Importance of indemnification clauses
  • Importance of termination clauses
  • How to draft your addendum
  • How to draft your letter of intent
  • Understanding the importance of ‘commercial awareness’

What do we mean by ‘Commercial Awareness’?

It means knowing current deals and understanding what is happening in the media as far as the business world is concerned.

The government establishes legislation in all areas of commerce.  For example: the Companies Act 2006 (as amended) provides rules on how a company should operate including its directors and shareholders.

Lawyers must understand not only the law but also the business world when providing their advice.

Commercial awareness is ever-changing and lawyers need to keep up to date on their knowledge of the business world.

Being up-to-date on the law and knowing how the business world operates provides the key ingredients of being a successful lawyer.