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Legal English is the type English which is used in the area of law. It is also refered to as technical language specifically originated as a language for legal professionals such as judges, lawyers, paralegals. .

Why Is It So Important?

Learning legal terms is fundamental if you want a career in law. The main reason behind this is the rise in globalization. You may study in one country and apply your skills in another country.  Therefore it is important that you learn skills such as legal English before moving to another country where the common language is English.

If you have studied law from Italy and you want to practice in the UK, you will most likely interact with UK lawyers, barristers or solicitor-advocates. In order to talk to them regarding legal matters, you must adapt to their legal language, i.e. English used in law that is particular to the UK.

Is English your second language?

English may be your second language so you can come across various challenges.  This could be because you have tried to learn but have been confronted with the wrong teacher or wrong course.

Choosing LCATE – Online Legal English Courses 

  1. The courses are created by qualified lawyers
  2. They are relevant which means they teach you what you need to know
  3. They are simple and quick to follow
  4. You can complete them in your own time (during working hours)
  5. They are inexpensive way of learning legal English
  6. You can talk to a teacher any time if you are struggling with the course
  7. You will receive a certificate of completion
  8. You can continue your education

The last point 7. is important. Many students once they have completed their studies to stop studying because they move another country or they forget what they have studied.  LCATE recognises this and will ensure that you continue your studies by enrolling on different courses any where you are in the world. Every certificate you acquire will show you the progress you have made.

Legal English (LELC 2) – Covers the basics. Before you can understand legal English and its application you must understand basic English. By the end of the course you will be able to structure and write your first letter in English. This course does exactly that!

Legal English – (LELC 2) – This helps you further by giving you an understanding of drafting complex advice letters, to addendums and statements.

Legal English – (LELC 3) – Provides you with an understanding of the structure and contents of a contract and also how you can draft clauses with ease.

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