accomodationWe know how important it is for students to find suitable and inexpensive accommodation when they arrive in London. 

LCATE is currently in partnership with a number of ‘host family organisations’ in London.

Placing you with a host family means that you pay less and at a further fee, you have a choice of having two meals a day included in your accommodation package.

Terms & Conditions of Host Family bookings 

We advise you to book early in order to secure accommodation.  Full accommodation fees are payable 3 months in advance of your respective course booking.  If you cancel your accommodation within two months of the course commencement date, you will lose 50 per cent of your entire accommodation costs.  If you cancel your accommodation within a month of the course commencement, then you will lose your entire your entire accommodation costs.

Please contact [email protected] for further information.


Although LCATE can assist you in finding accommodation.  LCATE does not hold itself liable for any loss and or damage you may incur as a result of unsuitable accommodation provided by the respective host family. Any problems and or claims must be raised by you directly with the host family provider.