Welcome to the London Centre for Advanced Training & Education

We offer a range of online and on-site law, business & management courses to both UK and international students


How You Will Benefit:

» Provide You With New Skills

» Improve Your Confidence

» Enhance Your Marketability


Our Online Courses:

» Legal English Courses

» Access to University Law Diploma

» Paralegal Courses

» Management & Business Courses

Welcome to the London Centre for Advanced Training & Education

One of the best global legal education provider!

‘Learning from Lawyers is fun!’

We offer a range of online and on-site law, business & management courses globally – both to UK and international students

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LCATE is  the only global legal educational centre that provides a variety of accredited law and legal English training courses designed to help you put theory  into  practice. 

When you enrol on our on-site or on-line courses in legal English (LELC), CPD Business Law or Diploma in Law, you will be taught by practising lawyers who are up-to-date with the latest developments and who have an in-depth knowledge of the skills employers are looking for.

Join us: ‘Learning from lawyers can be fun!’

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LCATE offers:

  • Legal English courses in London – Inglese per avvocati
  • Legal English online courses
  • Business Law courses in London
  • Diploma in Law

Study your law degree at a Listed English University

For further information please contact: [email protected]

LCATE specialises in providing a variety of online & on-site Practical Legal English and Law Courses which enable students to attain an International certificate upon completion of the course.

Legal English is a technical language for legal professionals such as lawyers, judges and paralegals.

Why is legal English important? The main reason stems from an increase in globalisation.  Many lawyers, whose native language is not English may relocate to work in the UK, the USA or even Japan and because the vast number of international contracts are commonly drafted in English there becomes a greater need for these lawyers to improve both their written legal English skills as well as their spoken English communication skills.

How can LCATE help? We can help you improve your legal English skills because we are practising lawyers and we understand what is required in practice. We want to share our knowledge.  We want you to expand your legal terminology, help you draft your letters with confidence, help you take initial instructions from your client and make you understand the common issues that lawyers face on a daily basis.

So join us: we currently deliver:

  • 1 Week Legal English Course; and
  • 3 Week Premier Legal English Course

So you are wondering…’what is in it for me?’ Great Question

The answer is:

  1. an improved understanding of how it all works in practice;
  2. an improved understanding of how to structure and write your letters to get the required response;
  3. an improved understanding of legal terminology and when it should be used;
  4. an understanding of how to identify and resolve issue(s) quickly;
  5. templates and material which you can use in practice;
  6. an International Legal English Certificate;
  7. once you have completed your course we want to stay in touch and we want to contribute further to your successful career.
  8. gain your Legal English Language Certificate – ‘LELC’.

Business Law Course – If you want to improve your drafting skills? understand boiler-plate clauses? understand the importance of commercial legal Terminology? then join LCATE on our 1 Week On-site Business Law course.

Diploma in Law is also accredited to deliver the Diploma in Law courses which enable students to study their law degree at a Listed University in the UK.

LCATE‘s on-site law legal English & business law courses are delivered all year round.  We also deliver intensive summer legal English courses which enable employees or students to come to London and study during their vacation period.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a recognised accredited organisation
  • Courses delivered by: lawyers (solicitors, solicitor-advocates or barristers) who currently work in practice and are up-to-date with ever changing laws and practice
  • We help you put theory into practice
  • LCATE is also affiliated with a law firm which is listed in the ‘Top 500’. Therefore, unlike many legal English schools, if students embarks on the ‘3 Week Premier Legal English Training Course’ we can provide students some exposure to the overall operations of an English law firm.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for lawyers qualified to practice in England & Wales

If you currently are a practising lawyer, continuing professional development will be an essential part of your career.  You will need to keep up-to-date with ever-changing legislation.  Attending a CPD course at LCATE will allow you to improve your skills and further your career.

European Lawyers practising in the UK – if you are a registered European lawyer practising in the UK you will also be required to continue your professional development. You will need to ascertain what you need to learn and then take steps to take the respective courses.  You will also have to record your CPD courses.

LCATE can help you. We have a network of lawyers that are specialised in providing CPD law courses.

All you need to do is contact us via: [email protected]

Diploma in Law – Access to Listed University in England & Wales 

The ‘Access to Higher Education Diploma in law’ is a qualification which prepares students who may not  have the A’levels or equivalent qualifications to study law at a Listed University.

LCATE currently offers this course online. The course is divided into the following modules:  contract law, the English legal system, Communication & Legal Terminology & Academic & Research Skills.

For more information contact: [email protected]Learning from Lawyers is fun!’

European registered lawyers 

This course may also be useful for registered European lawyers who would like to have an overview of English contract law and the legal English system.  The course constitutes 360 hours of CPD.

Whether your intentions are to practice in the UK or overseas our aim is to help you share our knowledge!


  • Online Legal English Courses
  • Online Diploma in Law Courses
  • Online Continuing Professional Development Courses

Benefits of attending a course with us:

  • Improves your confidence
  • Improves your legal drafting skills
  • Improves you knowledge of commercial law
  • Improves your oral/verbal skills
  • Improves your marketability
  • Improves your income stream

For further information please contact: [email protected]

We are a Global Provider of Legal Education 

Legal English: inglese legale, Ingles legal, 合法英语, Юридический английский, الإنجليزية القانوني, Anglais juridique, 法律英語, Inggris hukum, undang-undang bahasa inggeris, ဥပဒေရေးရာ english, Tiếng Anh hợp pháp, Yasal ingilizce)

English for Lawyers: 弁護士のための英語, Inglese per avvocati, الإنجليزية للمحامين, Inglés para abogados, 律師英文, 律师英文, Anglais pour les abogados, वकीलों के लिए अंग्रेजी, Ingles para sa lawyers, Bahasa Inggris untuk pengacara, bahasa inggeris untuk peguam, Английский для юристов, ရှေ့နေများအဘို့အ english, وکلاء کے لئے انگریزی, Avukatlar için İngilizce, Angielski dla prawników, وکلاء کے لئے انگریزی, Tiếng Anh cho luật sư